Born out of Microsoft’s Mono, a software platform, which was designed to help developers to create cross platform application with the .Net framework. Combining Common language Infrastructure and Common language runtime, Xamarin whose inception was in 2011, is Mono framework used for cross-platform application development. This hybrid framework allows developers to use approximately 100% of the native libraries of both Android and iOS. It is widely used for communicating between API (Application Program Interface) and commonly found smartphone features like camera, GPS, contacts, camera etc. It is popular for building an application using C# language on the .NET platform, both owned by Microsoft. They also provide free resources to construct, simulate, distribute, applications made by anyone. When compared with the competition Xamarin seems like a much more well-rounded package than PhoneGap, Titanium and Cordova.

Xamarin’s unique ability lies in its proclivity to combine the advantages of all the native language characteristics, here are some of those features

Combinatorial library – by using .NET BCL (Base Class Library), a gigantic collection of comprehensive and diverse Database, XML, Serialization, Networking support, IO, string, etc. Using C# allows for access to even more libraries.

API Simplicity – Due to the presence of Xamarin Forms which allows developers to build very user-friendly and rich native UI for all the platforms. Xamarin has one of the most simple API’s around.

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – The Xamarin’s official tool, Xamarin Studio can be run both on Windows and OS X. This tool has features like solution management system, template libraries, community support interfaces, Auto code completion etc.

Offline presence – Xamarin’s code reusing technique means a robust and interactive offline application. This is done by reusing data, business logic, and multiple code layer etc.

Hybrid equilibrium – Across the smartphones platforms of iOS, Android and Windows phone, developers can use 90% of Xamarin’s code. Rest of the gaps can be filled with the unified API library depending upon the specific platforms. This leads to reduced time cost and company resources to develop and deploy applications.

Some of the companies who have built their applications with Xamarin include Siemens, The World Bank, Pinterest, Coca Cola and much much more.

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