Improved improvement

In Angular 4 delivered on the commitment to make Angular applications a lot smaller and much faster. By no means, Angular has become perfect and a lot of improvements will follow, in the coming months, all the updates will be fine-tuned to make the application to be relevant and be competitive.

Time Saver

The changes made to the foundation to what AOT generated code looks and behaves. These changes will reduce the size and complexity of the generated code for the components by around 60%. The more complex the templates are, the more compact the codes are.

Individually Animated

The animations package has been taken out of @angular/core and into their individual own package. This translates that a developer doesn’t use animations, the extra codes will not end up in the overall production bundles. This change also allows the developer to more easily find documentation and to take advantage of the improved autocompletion feature. A front-end developer can easily add animations to the main NgModule by importing Browser Animations Module New Features.

Universally Angular

Universal, the project environment which allows developers to run Angular on a server, is now up to date with Angular again, and this is the first release from Universal, originally a community-driven and a community developed project, was adopted by the Angular developers. This latest release now includes the results of the internal and external work from the Universal developers done over the last few months. This majority of the Universal code is now located in @angular/platform-server.


The newest updates have made Angular to be compatible with the more recent version of TypeScript. This will greatly improve the speed of ngc and you will get better type bug and error checking throughout your applications and projects.

Source Maps for Templates

Due to the higher number of errors caused by bugs in the templates, the newly updated source maps that give a meaningful context in terms of the original template.

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