Urban habitats are growing at a rapid rate across the world. New urban spots popping up to accommodate the wave of people migrating from rural areas. The complexity of these cities are not getting any easier, the influx of migrating population only means that the resources are going to need better management techniques and tools.

GIS is growing as an operations and resources management tool across the world, utility services such as telecommunication, energy, waste management, water management and transportation etc can be managed and administered with GIS tools. The tool also allows for future planning and future allocation of resources, making them ideal for growing cities and cities who are ready to expand their influence.

The infrastructure of any city is dependent on the utilities available to the residents of the city. All the components of the resources have to come together to be functional at their optimum level. The jam packed geographical locations of an urban environment make the management of the utilities a difficult task, GIS enabled management tools will carry the geographical data of all the utilities thus making the access and management of the specific utility easier. Below are some examples where GIS can make a difference.


One of the fastest growing sectors, with respect to the job growth or for the function of people. A well-connected city makes for a robust industrial hub and educational hub, GIS solutions can help in laying down cables to predict future telecommunication traffic.

Electricity mapping

Availability of electricity is an absolute requirement for any human related activity, from industries to schools. The problem of growing cities is that most of them have an unplanned electrical grid, from which expansions of the grid becomes tricky.

Water management

Running water is considered to be a basic human right, development follows where running water and electricity is available. Facing the same problem as electricity grids, most water distribution technology is based on old and archaic methods. An update to the old technology means more efficient and an environmentally friendly water distribution.


The backbone of any economy at any level, an efficient and quick transportation options mean a growth and thriving economy. Coupled with fact that most economically prosperous cities boast of having an admirable transportation system.


Traditional methods of overseeing and administrating a city’s utilities are simply unacceptable with respect to the competition, whether it be an issue of taxes, employment, or strong communities, GIS enables solutions for utility management gives every growing city the winning edge.

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