Time Management plays an important role not only in productivity but also in our personal lives.

Time Management includes:

–    Effective Planning by preparing the task list for the entire project.

–    Setting goals and objectives of the project.

–    Setting deadlines and time estimations for the individual tasks associated with the project.

–    Allocations of individual tasks and responsibilities.

–    Prioritising activities and tasks as per their importance to the overall project.

–    Spending time on the right activity by eliminating unwanted functionality.

There are many factors to be considered for the success of any project. One of the major factor is time management, as it plays an important role in the overall productivity. The teams that are involved in the project must be aware of the significance of adhering to the project timeline, one has to plan about how we can use our time to reach the goal on time. So it will be easier to make decisions on what are the details can be achieved at a given particular time and as per the decision, tasks can be prioritised.

Prioritising should not begin with focusing on getting more work done, rather it should always begin with avoiding or eliminating unwanted functionality. Planning for a quality product with a minimal and efficient timeline with a proper documentations and best time estimations is the only way we can deliver a quality product on time.

Task planning should be done effectively during the development of a particular module such that maximum tasks are completed within the minimal allotted time.

–    Once we have complete the estimation, we must create a project chart to track the progress.

–    From the project chart, we can easily find the pending tasks.

–    The project chart can be represented in the graphical method for easy readability.

–    The developer can update the graph daily or weekly or as per needed.

–    From the graph, we can easily identify how much we have deviated from the actual estimation if any.

The Key factor of quality management concept will help in delivering a high-quality product. If the customer is satisfied with the project by meeting their requirements, that will translate to the success of the product launch.

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