Smartphones have changed the landscape of personal communication, beyond the calls and messaging, the internet connectivity has made a phone as good as a laptop. The features added to smartphones are changing how we interact with the world at a digital level. While features were purely a gimmick, made as marketing piece more than a feature. Some features have had a profound impact on the digital communication landscape such as the camera, internet connectivity etc. Below are some of the features which will enrich the smartphone to become more in sync with the user. While it is understandable how some may view some of the below-mentioned features as gimmicks too, they do and will change how smartphones are viewed and accepted by the masses and by the tech enthusiast.

Biosensors: Watching out for you

Wearables not just limited to watches, bands, and glasses, wearable smart clothes are on the way. Smart socks by Sensoria can monitor various measurements of vitals constantly to predict future health concerns. These biosensors will change how people buy clothes beyond their traditional uses.

Biometric security: Redefining access  

The humble fingerprint sensor has elevated the levels of security of the common smartphone. Oncoming iris scanner will have a lasting impact on how security is viewed and perceived on handheld devices.

Wireless charging: For a cooler environment

A Little bit gimmicky but the implications are lasting as it reduces the use of plastic on the smartphone, while not a convincing argument it is a poignant one. Given the rate by which smartphone grows, the least smartphones could do is to use little fewer plastics.

NFC: Competing with wallets

NFC (Near field communications) have found a middle path between the traditional wallets and the online wallets, easy to understand and use, NFC is surely changing daily cash transactions. Although not growing as predicted, the use of NFC is picking up.

iBeacon: Subtle advertising and messaging   

Using Bluetooth 4.0 iBeacons sends out a constant signal to all available devices, the message could be retail offers, PSA or crucial information. While not sounding groundbreaking, the uses of this technology especially indoors cannot be overlooked. Stadiums across the US have started this technology to help customers navigate through the property.

Bluetooth 4.0: Going green

Bluetooth 4.0 also known as Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth Smart is energy efficient version of the Bluetooth, while Bluetooth had lost the charm due to its limited connectivity. The new version of Bluetooth allows using Bluetooth supported add-ons with more efficiency. All this means wireless technologies and wearable sensors can be more energy efficient.

While some of the above-mentioned features have really caught on and some are just booming at their own pace, it is difficult to imagine a smartphone without these features and more two years from now. For the problems of implementing any of the software feel to check us out.

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