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Gis enabled technology has changed the way we live in a very subtle way, while some of us may not even know the scale of impact GIS has on our life. Now, GIS has found its use in the retail sector as well. As the physical retail stores fight a tough competition with online stores, GIS comes to the rescue with game changing techniques. The impact of these tools can, in fact, bring back the charm of bricks, mortar and shopping loved ones back.

Best sellers and loyalty programs

GIS enabled solutions can help retailers to effectively manage and their assets, this technology can also in collecting, mapping and organizing assets. This solution can help in both areas of retailing as in digital and analogue assets. When it comes to analogue assets, GIS solutions can help in managing store location, customer product interests and competition research. When it comes to digital assets, information such as customer data, the point of sale data, and retail location data can be managed with GIS enabled solutions. This leads minimum paper data and maximum digital effectiveness.

Introducing, discovering and results

When it comes opening a store, the solution analyzes shopping patterns, heat mapping of multiple locations so as to get maximum footfalls across a wide area. This helps in shortlisting potential sites for the proposed new location. The data also analyses pricing, staffing, risk analysis, transportation other than the attributes of the physical location.

Seasonal offerings & merchandise

The tool can help in asset planning, inventory planning and stocking, and merchandise optimising features. This ensures the right product reaches the correct location and to the right customer. A well oiled retail engine always gets maximum brand visibility.

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The enterprise component of the GIS solution can help in analyse different metrics related to the retail sector such as customer’s payment preference, time of purchase etc. The tool also helps in communication between locations and executives, managing the supply chain process, performance review of employees and data collections etc.
All round performance

The GIS enabled solution is all in one, one stop shop for all things related to the retail sector. The GIS edge is needed to stay ahead in cut throat sector of retail. The solution goes above and beyond the conventional softwares, this solution takes into the geographical component of the business data. The geographical component of a business data is around 65%.

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