Ever noticed how it is easier to search a document on google rather than it is to search a file on a PC or laptop. The speed at which the results are displayed are embarrassing when we compare it to a computer. So how does Google searches the entire internet before the windows search gives any result ?

For starters Google does have faster computing power than an ordinary PC given the size of internet. Although a modern laptop or PC’s does pack a lot more computing prowess when compared to google with the lack of internet taken into consideration. The secret is just that the algorithms used by google and PC aren’t even in the same vicinity. Google is constantly updating its index to make sure that search results are relevant and useful. While Windows do have search option, most of time the search index is usually not updated or non existent. This means that windows has to search each location individually, to make things clear. A book with lots of pages have a table of contents and a index with all the keywords. Google similar have a index which is updated about 10000 thousand times every second, thus the speed and accuracy of the results. In case of our computers the search algorithm instead of going through the index, it goes through the pages one by one. So all one has to do to get instant search results from one’s computer go to search (ironically) and type indexing option, open the application, select the drive and after some time. Your laptop has been indexed, your windows search is now good as good as google.        

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