While most business constantly makes changes and innovate themselves and their products to remain fresh in the minds of their customers, the customers themselves to change according to the times. So it has become important for a business to adapt themselves to keep up with the taste of customers when it comes to interaction, choices, communication medium and advertising etc.


Customers nowadays use more handheld devices like tablets and mobiles to access the internet, so it is important for businesses to have an online presence which is also accessible through handheld devices. Mobile friendly websites is a must as the numbers associated with e-commerce are not going down anytime soon.

Social media

The social media being a two-way communication medium is both a bane and boon for the business. While the customers can show their appreciation and love in public, they can also show their discontent and disappointment with the business. It is important for a business to respond quickly to all such issues as the earliest as it shows a business’s commitment towards their customer.

Personalization and privacy

Not to get too creepy with purchase history and patterns, customers want a fine balance between stalker and friend when it comes businesses using their metadata to make predictions and recommendations for them. Customers are not happy that their data is being collected, least the businesses could do is to make good use of them.

One on one communication  

More like an integration of all the above-mentioned services, customers do want to solve their problems themselves. But if it comes down to having a one on one conversation with a representative of a business, it important that the representative has all the tools, knowledge and privilege to address and solve the problems, the last thing anyone wants is to jump through hoops for someone’s mistakes.

While some of the problems above mentioned won’t be an issue in the future, but improvement is a constant process. As the new problems arise one must ready and armed to fight the next battle.  


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

               – John F. Kennedy

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