Since its inception in 2013, the popularity of ReactJS has been steadily increasing. Developed by the Facebook developer community, ReactJS has been widely accepted as a formidable front-end development platform. This rise in ReactJS popularity is due to its combination of ease of coding and ease of learning. ReactJS has been putting up a tough challenge for the existing frameworks. Below are some the features in detail for React’s meteoric rise.

Features of React JS

Open source and an active community

Developed by Facebook and Instagram, React JS is an open source and free script. Although free, the script is under the strict watch of Facebook about its usage. An active community means constant changes and updates to be competitive and have an edge over the other scripts.   

Flux library

Flux is an architecture technique for creating data layers within the JavaScript applications. It was designed by Facebook with the React view library. It places a focus on creating explicit and understandable update paths for an application’s data, which makes tracking changes during development simple. Debugging is also easy with this technique.

Library or framework? The official definition of ReactJS is that it’s a library rather than a framework more specifically it is a framework for creating API’s. Even though it is incomplete from being a complete solution, it works well with other libraries.

Multi-faceted components

In React JS, the programmer defines the User Interfaces using native components. The components can be taken as simple functions as in any programming language The functions can be reused as needed and can be composed to perform bigger functions from smaller ones. A single component can be reused in multiple User Interfaces, and components can contain other components.


When compared with the competition, such as Angular JS and Ember. ReactJS is the lightest framework, even if we can call it that. Given its performance and server-side rendering capabilities, it is no slouch when it comes to giving tough competition to existing players.

Few hours from JavaScript

React JS is simply JavaScript, there are very few API’s to get used to. To be a ReactJS developer all one needs is the knowledge of JavaScript. Be proficient in ReactJS from being JavaScript is just a couple of hours away.

Ease of use

When compared with Angular JS, React JS has a much more precise approach to designing interactive interfaces. In Angular JS, the “ng-repeat” directive is used to create rendering views via loops. In React JS, JSX which is JavaScript that is used to create a loop over numerous HTML elements. This offers a much easier technique that can be deployed quickly.

Websites using React JS

Instagram –  World’s largest photo-based social networking site.

Netflix – The most popular video streaming site, uses ReactJS on low-performance TV devices.

Yahoo! Mail – One of leading providers of personal email service.

Sberbank – The largest bank in Russia.

And finally, FaceBook – the birthplace of React JS.

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