Why Customer Success directly equates growth to your business

Why Customer Success directly equates as growth to your business?

Retention of clients, revenue expansion with service expansion. Any economist will say that no matter how low or unhealthy the overall economy be, customer-centric services can always the business. Nowadays, engaging experiences, innovative services and overall customer satisfaction is no longer enough. The concept of customer satisfaction has evolved, for better or for worse. While we may or may not agree with changes in this concept, but it is important to take the advantages of this new concept of customer…

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UI/UX – The crux of mobile application development

The view of many people who use mobile application thinking that the mobile application experience as a downsized web experience. So an unequivocal statement has to be made that a mobile app is fundamentally different from a website while maintaining the functionality of the website in question. It may be different in sizes, it’s different in the approach to the functionality of the website, and it’s different in scope if required by the client. But all the differences aside, most…

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Catch the Trend. Create a Concept. Go Viral.

In the earlier blog, we discussed various digital marketing channels that best suits your business. In this blog we will look at social media marketing in detail, we will discover social media tools in depth and find what is trending and what it needs for your business to take the best out of social media. Now to understand Social Media Marketing, we must first understand what Social Media is. What is social media? We use the term Social Media a…

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Made for failure: mobile applications

Application of every kind has flooded the scene where they swim in the sea of similarity and mediocrity. Mobile application store has become a parody of good mobile application, this bothers businesses who want to be taken seriously by the end user and wants sincerely to stand out among the competition. Below some points to consider when creating a mobile application which could make all the difference. Shining from a void While the features of the application may be “inspired”…

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Best Digital marketing Channels for your Business

It is said that challenges change you and makes you stronger. With digital marketing, this formula of life don’t alter. This massive platform, ever-growing data, and affordability of Digital Marketing make it a highly competitive area for the marketers. As new markets and new opportunities open up, new challenges are not far behind. Every other day a new marketing tool is made available or there is a new social media site that needs attention, what is trending today might not…

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Mobile application’s Achilles heel

Mobile applications and their usability have made the smartphone into a serious platform in itself. Business concerns have started to invest time and money into a mobile application as they seem to be the closest to the customer, more than the advertisements and the physical locations of business. A mobile application is and must be an extension of a business, so the execution of the mobile application must be nearest to perfection. Listed below are some of the overlooked metrics…

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Digital Marketing Challenges

Understanding and analysing the challenges of Digital Marketing

In our earlier blog on Digital Marketing, we instilled the fact that how digital platform is transforming every branding and marketing tales and that it is important for all brands and businesses to establish and maintain a very strong online presence. With the advent of the internet, the business and marketing landscape has changed drastically and marketers are now routing their strategies through various digital channels. But unlike traditional way of marketing, Digital Marketing is a continuously changing industry because…

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How to Assemble A Customer Success Team From Scratch

Our partners Bitrix24 is big on official definitions. They believe that, definitions control the approach to the solutions usually associated with it. The clearer the definitions the more the clearer the success will be, speaking of which, success is a big buzz word around here, while not sure how to it can be quantified beyond the accepted metrics associated with it. Once, we tried to define what it means for the customers and we did our best to define a customer…

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Digital Marketing for Dummies

The age of information has lived up to its hyperbole by the internet providing information at light speed, and with the advent of smartphones, people have access to internet anytime and everywhere. In fact, Google has 3.5 billion searches per day! Therefore people are certainly looking for the products or services that your company is offering in the various sites that internet offers, creating a great platform to market your product and services digitally. The term Digital Marketing can be…

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5 Business Development Tips For Everyone

Business is never good or bad, it has been always about changing the market trends and the needs of the customer. A business development team is more about keeping pace with the market and needs, rather than just being involved with marketing activities and the business development process. Route planning for the future In the heat of the moment, sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on the organizational goals and negate all your accomplishments when the direction of the business…

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