Mobile applications and their usability have made the smartphone into a serious platform in itself. Business concerns have started to invest time and money into a mobile application as they seem to be the closest to the customer, more than the advertisements and the physical locations of business. A mobile application is and must be an extension of a business, so the execution of the mobile application must be nearest to perfection. Listed below are some of the overlooked metrics associated with a mobile application.


Other than the objective of the application, the application itself should be easy to navigate and should be straightforward enough to be used 100% as in, all the features of the application should be easily disposable at the will of the user.


Some application is a total hit or miss when it comes to switching between portrait and landscape modes. While some may argue that portrait should be the only default orientation without any alternative, this is more about the UI/UX and the ease of usability of the entire application.

Beta version, user testing and feedback

The sheer market pressure, competition and the expectations of the end user have made the application market as a concoction of similar applications performing nearly the same function. The mobile application does not seem to follow the traditional methodology of debugging and quality testing. This affects the usability and could be a PR disaster for the business.

Serious competition

As suggested, mobile applications have become a serious competition to the traditional internet interfaces. But the mobile applications is losing ground when it comes to the final checkout process on e-commerce applications due to the complexity and drag of the entire process.

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