Having responsibility for a team can be daunting task anyone, as it involves guiding a group people towards a common goal.Different personality does clash, different work styles can lead to arguments, varying ideas which completely miss the target, and the accompanying everyday stress can make process difficult and unbearable.

Conflict breeds creativity

Conflicts do happen when there is a difference of opinion, but they’re a good sign in the bigger scheme in things. It’s a sign that a lot of ideas are being thrown around, which is one of the things one looks and wants in a team. If there are zero conflicts, it’s because of one dominating personality whose ideas are not being challenged.

Investigating the cause

If a team which is having a continual issue and ideas are static. Then there’s fundamentally something wrong at the heart of it. There are not many reasons why there is a slump in teamwork. One of the most common reason is miscommunication in interpersonal messaging, it is important to have a free and open communication channels. The current project could also be a reason for the breakdown with the team, even if the project is not interesting enough to bring out the creativity in the team. A different approach to the project could make all the difference.

Time for action

As a leader, when you’ve identified the issue, the issue is a problem that needs to be solved, before going forward. To solve the issues, a leader needs to take action and make changes, remembering that people are different than projects and statistics. Presenting the issues to your team and make the team work together to solve it. In all and every case, the primary objective of this process has to restore the team unity.

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