Gone are the days when the presence of a business in the digital sphere was about the optics rather than the purpose. Today the digital front of a business more function than form, in this digital age being found online is not considered thriving instead it just means surviving. Apps are taking over the website on smartphones, being more responsive and more direct to the user. The increase in mobile development platforms has meant that making apps have become an easy process. The rise of DIY websites for mobile application has made realising application dreams a reality. Are these sites really the future of application development?

Incredible ease of use is the main attractions of these websites, with no or little knowledge of the whole application development process one can develop an app of their choosing. The little time required to building the application also means a predictable planning for the business to run campaigns on. These service being free too means significant ROI.

Considering the ROI and ease of use, it is important to the businesses to be unique to their competition on any level. Using these services means a lack of exclusiveness and being lost in the sea of similar apps. If the uniqueness of form can be called into question, the same can be said about the function of application too. Given how anyone can create an app using these services

One cannot be sure about the variety of functionality of these apps as well.

The problem here lies in cross platform functionality, creativity and general usability. All of these advantages come with experience and a proclivity in specific skill sets. To make sure all the potentials are materialised it is better to leave it to the professionals to do what they do best. We too are experienced in making realities come true and achieving maximum potential.

We at 76Degrees East are good at working with many of the developmental frameworks such as ReactJSAndroidiOSXamarinCordovaIonic, and Windows.

About 76 Degrees East

76 Degrees East Technologies is your software services and development company based in India catering high quality business solutions. Major services we offer includes MEAN Stack Development, GIS application development, technology migration, Bitrix24 Customisation, mobile application development and more. Now that you know about the differences between DIY Mobile app sites and professionally developed, learn more about developing top-notch mobile mobile app on Android, iOS and Windows.