Ionic is an open source framework used for developing and building a mobile application, coupled with the fact that Ionic is built on top of AngularJS and Cordova. This means Ionic is capable of delivering applications with image heavy requirement all while maintaining the native feel of the specific platforms. Ionic uses HTML5 for the UI/UX part, JavaScript and CSS. This contains different UI elements for platform specific environments. The Cordova part of the application allows the application to access the local features of a smartphone such as Contacts, camera, GPS location services, and Setting etc. Ionic has heavy usage of HTML5 as the creators of Ionic believe that HTML5 will take over the mobile web as it has overtaken the internet. The presence of AngularJS means that support for a broad range of common native mobile components, slick animations, and beautiful design.

Features of Ionic

AngularJS View – Ionic uses Angular JS which based on Model, View, Controller (MVC Model). Which is useful for single application, which are optimized for mobiles.

Native view – the application made with Ionic have a native look and feel due to its attachment with AngularJs

Open source Ionic framework is an open-source framework. An open-source framework, Ionic lets you manage the code structure according to one’s need and helps developers save time, money and efforts.

Plugins by Cordova – Apache Cordova platform provides API, which is required for using the native device functions with JavaScript code.

Javascript support – These components are extending CSS components with JavaScript functionalities to cover all mobile elements that can’t be done only with HTML and CSS.

Keeping company – National Museum of African American History and Culture, Baskins Robbins, McDonald’s and NationWide are some of the companies using Ionic.

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