Ideation process

Our process consists of cartooning, brainstorming, prototyping, connecting ideas, generating, and other techniques which can bring in new ideas. The process also evaluates the criticisms, feedbacks, and most importantly worst possible ideas. When an idea is agreed upon, the idea is put on the creative designs, documents and proposals and given to the client for approval.

Once and if the approval is received from the client, the remaining task is split according to needs of the clients, between the technical team and design team.

Technical team

Our technical team consists of programmers, coders, testers, software engineers, project managers, project analysts, project coordinators, and customer accounts managers.

Design Team

Our design team consists of UI designers,and UI/UX developers.

Digital Marketing Team

DM (digital marketing) team consists of brand strategists, demographics researchers, digital marketing strategists, and social media strategists etc.

Technical process

Our technical process consists of

Product research

Mobility solutions

Web solutions

Technical solutions

Product research

The product research consists of competition research, end user usability, client requirement and finalisation, and the entire development process including choosing the development platforms, mobile solutions, frameworks and database solutions.

Mobility solutions

This stage of the process consists of choosing a mobility platform for maximum efficiency and user friendliness. This is where the mobile application of the product is developed for maximum visibility of the service on the mobile platform.

Web solutions

This stage of the process consists of creating the web portal for the business, the database of the web portal also doubles as the database of the application too. The database framework is chosen with much deliberations on its reliability, scalability and security. The mobile application too is taken consideration, while choosing the different frameworks.

Technical solutions

The web and mobile solutions are integrated for a streamlined end user experience. The integration is a complex process as it involves many modules of the web and mobile platforms. The communications between the modules, API modules and Third party modules(if any) is built and streamlined. The user access for both platforms is defined for better security.

QA and testing

The testing team makes sure that the product passes different quality tests to survive real world scenarios. Various test benchmarks are tested such as responsiveness across platforms, load testing, performance testing, usability testing and automation testing. We follow agile methodology where the product is tested at various checkpoint through the process.

Iteration and feedback

The feedback and iteration process is where all the ideas and outcomes of the ideas are again critically examined, the response and critiques of the clients are accepted and evaluated to fine tune the product.


The deployment process consists of moving the web services and the API’s from the staging areas to a live environment. The mobile application is remapped to point towards the live web site. The mobile application is uploaded to multiple application stores across multiple platforms.

Brand strategy

Our DM team orchestrates a brand strategy, where the vision, mission and values of the concern are studied and a theme is chosen for the concern. The theme of the brand further dictates the type sets, colours, logo and the future marketing activities.

Demographics research

The demographics are researched in depth so as to nurture a brand image, which can connect with audience instantly. The culture and traditions of the demographics are also taken into serious consideration.

Design integration

The design ideas are materialised with the most agreeable ideas from strategy and demographics. The designs become the face of the concern which showcases the vision, mission and philosophy of the service and product.