Environmental scientists and physical geographers have long been studying the distribution and spatial patterns of air and water pollution. Although the general scientific understandings are that air and water pollution creates diseases and impacts the health of people, very few quantitative and spatially analyzed researchers published in demonstrating the impacts or causes. Reducing the risks caused by climate change is an immense challenge for scientists, policymakers, developers, engineers, and many others have used geographic information system (GIS) technology to better understand a complex situation and offer some tangible solutions. Technology offers a means to assess, plan, and implement sustainable programs that can affect us 10, 20, and 100 years into the future. A GIS-based information data visualization system helps to gain a scientific analysis and interpretation of earth’s natural characteristics at a global scale and a top-down view of the relevant information leading to a better-informed decision-making process:

  • Deforestation analysis can help in developing a practical and practical reforestation programs and sustainable management of existing forests.
  • Study of the potential sea level rise can help in coming up with adaptive engineering projects to better manage rising sea levels.
  • Emissions assessment can help in lawmakers to come up with alternative energy sources such as residential solar rooftop programs and better urban transportation systems.

Climate change is a modern geographic problem, solving it takes a geographic solution. GIS technology can visually represent a vast array of information, analysis of raw data, and best way of applying this technology to the study of climate change and understanding its impact on nature and on human existence.

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