The established way of real estate involves the enterprise of consultancy, expertise, planning and facility management. This industry consists a wide array of professionals such as environmentalists, engineers, field officers, economists, and of course lawyers. These professionals come together to make business decisions which can make or break the organization. The decision needs to be a perfect consolidation of market trends, estimation of future market direction and many other variables. For this process to be a success every time data acquisition of all the variables is an absolute must. The inclusion of spatial data to this process can give an added advantage to the organization. A GIS enabled enterprise solution tailor made to needs of a real estate organization contains the requirements needed by the different agents associated with real estate development organization.  

Below are some real world application for GIS enabled Real Estate Enterprise Solution.

Commercial Real Estate

In the case of commercial establishments, having the data of demographics near the proximity of the proposed site can lead to smart decision making. The enterprise solution can hold the data of GDP, income, shopping habits, related compositional data of the given territory. Accessibility of the commercial establishment beyond the proximity can analyse by interpreting the data of transportation options, competition, buying trends and buying capacity.

Office Real estate

The saleability of real estate associated with office spaces are related to transportation, the proximity of public transportation, parking areas and human facilities such as restaurants, shopping, coffee houses etc. To analyse whether the neighbourhood is appropriate for proposed office space. An enterprise solution with GIS data can narrow down the possibilities effortlessly.

Industrial Real estate

Industrial real estate is all about finding the perfect spot where transportation of both goods and employees are taken care. The adverse environmental impact is nil or minimal. The proximity to heavy transportation routes and environmental responsibility takes precedence of everything else
Portfolio and population analysis

The solution can analyse the socioeconomic demographics, purchasing patterns, and competitive market analysis. All of this information can be used to model the business strategy for a proposed location.

Site selection strategy

By combining different sets of data such as aerial photos, competitor settings, residential proximity, customer surveys, and census data, the solution can generate options for a new site.

The solution can also predict drive time, custom trade area, market penetration, the percentage of occupancy and market share. Beyond the business and retail elements of data. The solution can also analyse traffic network, infrastructure, environmental hazards, site accessibility etc.

Information in maps with the added analytical power of GIS, reveals patterns and arrangements which cannot be derived from other forms of data representations. This makes GIS enabled enterprise solution a must have for every growing and rising real estate businesses.

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