The quality of medical care through the ages of humankind has evolved from hit or miss enterprise to a hard science. Technology has been an ally to the medical sciences from the early days, there is growing influence of one such technology. Which is the GIS technology, this technology has changed how diseases and the geographical components are analysed and interpreted. This technology can be used to prepare, predict and to control of diseases and illnesses. A GIS enabled disease and infection tracking software can make a huge difference in how the issue is approached. Below are some of the broad examples of GIS in healthcare.

Diagnosticate health trends

The software can analyse data to show the trends or flow of diseases and illnesses. Coupled the databases of demographics, income, health history, date and reason for last hospital visit, the average time between hospital visits and even food habits are taken into consideration. The data is georeferenced to make realistic and most probable predictions about the flow and spread any illness or disease.

Social Media and Search analytics

During the 2013 flu season in America, twitter posts and google trends search included the terms “symptoms”, “cure”, and “flu”. The locations of these terms and their origins georeferenced to get a better understanding about the spread rate of the disease. A GIS enabled infection tracker can pinpoint the locations of precipitous outbreaks of infections.

Individual improvement

Given the vast amount of personal data of individuals that the software has accumulated, it must be said that this data can be used to provide good personalized health care. This can further grow into specialized attention to specific regions which are vulnerable to some specific infections. The reason for this phenomena can again be studied, using the metrics available.

large scale Improved

All the above-mentioned advantage can be rolled into one to come up with healthcare service based on data, history and realistic predictions. This allows for a more prepared approach to health care, low-cost healthcare for more people with better quality. The hospitals working GIS experts can change how healthcare is implemented and improved in the coming years.
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