MEAN meaning

MEAN or MEAN STACK refers to a compilation of Javascript based technologies used to develop web applications. MEAN is shortened for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS.

What’s New?

From the client side to server to database, the mean stack uses the same code. Since all these technologies use the same Javascript, the web development process using MEAN stack becomes a breeze. The same applies to web applications as well which greatly reduces the strain resources both on the programmer and to the program itself by making it more flexible.


The advantages which MEAN provide is not just limited to the web applications development. The influence of MEAN stack can be felt in Mobile and API development too. Thus meaning MEAN Stack is used and accepted by companies of many different interests given its immense flexibility.

Blowing away the LAMP

LAMP an acronym for Linux(server), Apache(web server), Mysql(database) and PHP(backend). This was a long road to travel for completing anything for any developer for a long time. Although it must be said that while following LAMP a developer was expected to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript too.

Who’s using?

Many well-known companies are using MEAN Stacks such as PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix etc. Yahoo and HP have planned their next generation projects on MEAN Stack. The stack found it’s way into other sectors too, they are found in brokerage trading dashboards, chat applications, and real-time trackers.

Why embrace?

Migrating to MEAN stack is a combination of business and work decision.

  • To start unlike SQL databases the MongoDB is a document database. MongoDB does not need any predefined database schemas and rules to establish field regulations this leads to a speedy addition, deletion or editing of data.
  • As mentioned before, using MEAN stack eliminates the need for the use of multiple languages. This makes the development of application easy and also helps in the smooth running of the application such as reduced time for a page loading.
  • MEAN stack is compatible with the operating system may be as long as it supports Node.js. The list includes MS Windows, MAC OS and Linux.

The future

All the above-mentioned advantages can translate into higher efficiency, productive employees and better allocation of resources from disk space to managing developer experts.Since MEAN is open source thus free, given the interest of many companies. It is acceptable to expect many upgrades and developments to Stack.

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