Since crime data has a geographical data, law enforcement officials around the world have started using GIS mapping solutions to create better tactics, crime prevention techniques and strategic crime fighting.

Crime mapping and analysis

By mapping crime and recognizing patterns, law enforcement officials can deploy resources more effectively for crime analysis and crime prevention. For example, crime analysts can take specific locations for law enforcement activities such as patrolling or beat walking based on where crimes are most prevalent. Checkpoints for catching drunk drivers can be identified by examining the locations of arrests and accidents involving drunk drivers. By cross-referencing data from multiple sources, such as crime incidents and suspects, it is even possible to officials prioritize an investigation for a connected series of crimes such as robbery or murders.

Strategy Evaluation

Crime mapping makes it possible to track the effectiveness of law enforcement strategies. By analysing statistics before and after the implementation of a specific strategy, officials can come up new techniques to confront the issue.

Forecast and prediction

The data from the crime mapping can help in law enforcement officials help in predicting crimes in particular areas, all of this lead better policing and better law enforcement. Using GIS software helps law enforcement officials to visualize data, assess human behaviour over geographic space, follow spatial patterns and validate theories.

Improved response

Given the data from the traffic and population densities during any given time, the solution can be used to map out fastest routing options during an emergency situation. The large collection of data makes it easier train personnel for future situations. Public relations with police departments campaigns may increase residents’ awareness of crime in their neighbourhoods.

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