“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.”  – Bob Iger

Given the competition on the market today, a company not only needs solutions that exceed the expectations of the customer but also shows the way forward for how to solve problems in the most unique and creative way. This creativity also has to trickle down to work culture of the company to have a true grassroots effect in the shift of perspective on how companies approach a problem. A team that works well together solves problems together, and which comes up with innovative, unique ideas. Except when they don’t. A team is in a creative slump, and how the management can help to alleviate it.   

Denial to acceptance

Denial is not an ally, acceptance is the way to victory. Creativity is important and if the slump forces everybody to sit around and pretending like everything’s going just fine. The first step is accepting that the team is stuck in the slump. Once the elephant in the room is addressed to, then the process of rejuvenating the creative thinking can begin.  

Administer novelty

Without any more discussion when a team is in a rut, and desperate times call desperate measures. Enforcing the team to change their approach to the problem may see to close to completely letting go or total conformity. But, it is important to remember that creativity is never born out of comfort.  

Swap problems instead of solutions

A slump is not necessary the inability to find a solution but a confusion on how to approach the problem in a unique way. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to change the entire problem itself. Swapping the project the team is working on is not a bad idea, this allows the team to relax their perspectives.

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