Cloudant is an IBM software product, which is primarily delivered as a cloud-based service.  Cloudant is a NoSQL database as a service, and actually, has some unique features which can’t be found in other NoSQL databases. Cloudant is based on the Apache-backed CouchDB project and the open source BigCouch project.  Cloudant’s service provides integrated data management, search, and analytics engine designed for web applications. Cloudant scales databases on the CouchDB framework and provides hosting, administrative tools, analytics and commercial support for CouchDB and BigCouch. Cloudant’s distributed CouchDB service is used the same way as standalone CouchDB, with the added advantage of data being redundantly distributed over multiple machines. The database can adapt to changing resource demand of any IOT application by dynamically add and remove resources on the fly without downtime. As a side note, CouchDB even supports the installation of updates without downtime. This is a feature of the Erlang programming language CouchDB is based on.

Ease of deployment and development

The speed of deployment of a database is important, databases which tailor-made to meet a client’s needs and to be robust as to scale up and down whenever required, and be stable all the time. Cloudant’s striking feature is the delivery of products through a cloud-distributed, database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution. Cloudant makes it easy for developers for a faster deployment of services and products.

With growth

NoSQL database’s share of the market is rising fast, NoSQL document data storage using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) are the ones leading the charge. JSON’s lightweight data interchange format is fast becoming the preferred data interchange format on the web because of its language independence and self-describing data structures. One can change the data representation and structure from document to document on the fly.

Secure data storage

Cloudant offers security for storing confidential and sensitive data. Cloudant offers top-notch physical security, backed by IBM. Along with unbreakable encryption, and account, database, document, and field-level access control. When compared with alternatives to Cloudant, Cloudant won over these clients by providing a stable and always-available environment. Cloudant delivers a full range of functionality via the fully-managed, database-as-a-service cloud model.

Cloudant scalability

Cloudant offers robust scalability that takes developers from development studio into a mobile environment. Cloudant can handle the challenges of availability, synchronization, and geography with considerable ease. Cloudant also provides monitoring of user activity and monetization analytics and scores.

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