It is a Cordova and PhoneGap-based application framework. It is a cross platform which makes it possible to make applications to multiple platforms such as iOs, Android, Windows etc. It supports Cordova and PhoneGap along with its own plugins. It is already optimised for both web and phone environments all while a performance-obsessed framework. Drawback lies in its lack of support for certain UI elements. Well known applications developed with Ionic are National Museum of African American History and Culture and Baskin Robbins.


Combining HTML, CSS and JS into a native container, this enables to the program to access the device functions of several platforms. This allows the program to have cross platform access such as for Android, iOs, Ubuntu, WebOS etc. Drawback lies in the difficulty of linking the application with third party online service. Well known applications developed with Cordova are Pacifica – Stress and Anxiety Relief and FanReact – Sports Fans Social App.


Said to be the easiest way to create the most complicated applications, Xamarin uses C# to make applications for both Android and iOs. This means a faster application development process and happy clients. A drawback is that this platform is for power applications unlike feature rich application such as social apps, thus UI designing is tricky. Well known applications developed with Xamarin are World Bank’s Survey Solutions and Slack.


Using Angular, CSS and native UI for the desired platform, Telerik’s naive script is a great hybrid platform which gives applications a great native feel. This platform can reduce the time to develop an application as much as by 60%. While it sounds simple and straightforward this is one of the most difficult platforms to work with. Well known applications developed with Telerik are Aramex and Fantasy Football.

React Native

The best way to make applications for both Android and iOs even without any Android or iOs specific knowledge and also the closest of any hybrid script coming close replicating a native script. A great platform for heavy internet use applications too. Well known applications made with React Native are the Facebook app, Instagram app, and Tencent QQ.

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