MEAN Stack

Embracing MEANing for future

MEAN meaning MEAN or MEAN STACK refers to a compilation of Javascript based technologies used to develop web applications. MEAN is shortened for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. What’s New? From the client side to server to database, the mean stack uses the same code. Since all these technologies use the same Javascript, the web development process using MEAN stack becomes a breeze. The same applies to web applications as well which greatly reduces the strain resources both on the…

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How module.exports works in Node.js?

  We can use a require call to import another module. So when we require a module, the object that gets returned is the module.exports For example, when we create a module named hello.js =============================== exports.sayHello = function() {   return “HELLO”; }; exports.sayHi = function() {   return “Hi”; }; ================================ Now In order to use the above module, we can call it like this: var hello = require(“./hello.js”); Now we can use it like this. greetings.sayHello (); greetings.sayHi();…

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