Ionic development

Made for failure: mobile applications

Application of every kind has flooded the scene where they swim in the sea of similarity and mediocrity. Mobile application store has become a parody of good mobile application, this bothers businesses who want to be taken seriously by the end user and wants sincerely to stand out among the competition. Below some points to consider when creating a mobile application which could make all the difference. Shining from a void While the features of the application may be “inspired”…

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Mobile application’s Achilles heel

Mobile applications and their usability have made the smartphone into a serious platform in itself. Business concerns have started to invest time and money into a mobile application as they seem to be the closest to the customer, more than the advertisements and the physical locations of business. A mobile application is and must be an extension of a business, so the execution of the mobile application must be nearest to perfection. Listed below are some of the overlooked metrics…

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 Ionic: The beautiful hybrid script

About Ionic is an open source framework used for developing and building a mobile application, coupled with the fact that Ionic is built on top of AngularJS and Cordova. This means Ionic is capable of delivering applications with image heavy requirement all while maintaining the native feel of the specific platforms. Ionic uses HTML5 for the UI/UX part, JavaScript and CSS. This contains different UI elements for platform specific environments. The Cordova part of the application allows the application to…

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