Content Marketing

Why update the website content consistently?

In our previous blog post, we learned about content rich web designs. We know the importance of having quality website content for top performance in search engines. But, it doesn’t ends there. Content needs to be updated consistently. You might have noticed your search engine rankings varying. This is because search engines are constantly looking for new contents. Search engines like Google rank websites higher whose contents were updated recently. Google allocates a freshness score to each and every page,…

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Textual Content Rich Website Designs for Search Engine Visibility

A content can be anything in the form of text, images, voice and videos found on websites and blogs. Your website content is what drives visitors to your site. When your visitor is looking for solutions for their business needs, it is important to deliver helpful information and answer their questions. A potential visitor who reach your website will leave the site if she is unable to find the information she is looking for.

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