Better Customer Service with Bitrix24

  Every company struggles with their customer support techniques, and each and everyone comes up with their solutions for their own solution. It is important to change with the needs of the customer from their company representative. To be on the same page as the demands of our customers, one must use all the available tools for maximum success with customers. Our ERP partner Bitrix24 talks more this here:

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Same Customer, Changing Demands

While most business constantly makes changes and innovate themselves and their products to remain fresh in the minds of their customers, the customers themselves to change according to the times. So it has become important for a business to adapt themselves to keep up with the taste of customers when it comes to interaction, choices, communication medium and advertising etc. Medium Customers nowadays use more handheld devices like tablets and mobiles to access the internet, so it is important for…

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Numbers of Inefficiency

Organisations have always dealt with inefficiency, not the kind associated with lack of talent but with information overload, unorganised team, unmanaged processes and lack of a coherence. Studies have found out some interesting facts about inefficiency, the findings are, to say the least, are interesting and even surprising. Finding information According to a well-known analysis and research institute, 20% to 25% of time spent on a project was to find relevant information associated with the project. It also found out…

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Collaboration Software : Moving Forward Together

Wherever the competition may be, arena or the office. Efficiency makes the difference between winning and losing. Doing more in less time than the competition means being ahead all the time. With the sheer number of tools available for making an efficient model for the daily work, one must take full advantage of all the available resources.                                              …

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