Captcha an acronym of Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is used many websites as a security measure against spammers, bots, and automated computer programs. From posting advertisements as comments to scalping tickets from online sites, bots have the capability to completely overwhelm the system to its wishes. To stop such scenarios, Google has placed Captchas at various points across the internet.

The brainchild of Luis Von Ahn in the late 1990’s when bots and automated computer programs tried to add links to the databases of then-popular search engine The purpose of these programs is to be difficult for bots and programmers to go through but easy for humans. reCAPTCHA released in 2007 digitalized the entire collection Google Books and archived The New York Times all the way from 1851 to the present day. The trick was to use a human’s time to digitize books instead of filling in random words. The word entered by users were the words that part of the digitizing process, given the two words to enter. Only one of them was not recognized by the computer in early optical recognition process by comparing the correct word and following words on multiple attempts, the algorithm would find the correct to update to the digitizing process.

Unfortunately, bots have improved on their optical recognition skills forcing new image selection based captchas, trivia captchas, and even spelling bee captchas. The security of the captcha script can itself be called into question as the answers for these puzzles can be found at various databases online and bots can be programmed to steal the answers themselves.

Thus no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA the newer version of reCAPTCHA, which tracks the mouse movements of a user before entering the asked details and checking the box saying I am not a robot. This technique uses a person’s browsing history and mouse movements to accurately predict the future browsing patterns to eliminate the needs going through CAPTCHAs again. Although not so efficient in the real world, future updates could better the whole process.

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