Overwhelming omnipresence

Smartphones have changed the how the world communicates with each other and it is difficult to imagine any scenario without a smartphone in it. Is there a future an environment which is devoid of the omnipresent smartphone?

Reasons and competition   

To put simply, tablets and wearables are real competition to smartphones. The reason is over saturation of smartphones on the both hardware and software fronts. While the number of smartphone players on the market is high, the difference when it comes to the specifications, designs, and software is almost negligible.

Future of smartphone  

Smartphone penetration is reaching double figures in developing countries, some of the smartphone players have started to cater specifically Africa and Southeast Asia. These show how much more future does the smartphone. On the flipside to this, since developing countries cannot afford the latest technology, the technology saturation of mobile may even increase. While the technology may become stagnant, the importance is that the smartphones are not going away anytime soon.

Wearables or add-on

Most wearables are add-ons than they are standalone gadgets and limited when it comes interaction also. The hype around the wearables is limited to very few brands and to towards niche tech buyers. The biggest drawback of these gadgets lies in the limitations of information output. The small screen means limited data reproduction, and no time in history has the data we consume has reduced. Even futuristic technology such as hologram is years away, only if the companies can come up with a better battery. The hologram was displayed at many expos in 2014 by many players but failed to launch the technology commercially due to its many limitations.

“Smarter” phone   

Smartphones are quite far ahead when talking competition, the data the world creates is made for smartphones and the internet. The tablets are more a competition to laptops than to smartphones, wearables are also tilting towards the shape of the traditional smartphone. Most hyped wearables are flexible smartphones meaning wearables are simple smarterphones.

When it comes to smartphones or wearables, we don’t shy away from the competition. Whether it be Android, iOS or hybrid scripts we like to meet and beat the challenge head on.

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