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Most business owners asks themselves whether they need a mobile application for their business or go with mobile website. If you are a restaurant owner with restaurants in one or two locations, you probably won’t need an app. A responsive mobile website would be ideal in this case. But, if you have a business website that allow users to login and reach your services, then a native mobile application can be beneficial.

With more and more consumers spending a lot of time on mobile devices, businesses are making their websites mobile-friendly. Again, consumers spent more time on mobile applications than any other activity on their smartphone. Responsive or mobile-friendly websites, web apps and native apps are very common these days, let us learn how they are different from each other:

Mobile Websites:
Mobile websites are websites that work on any smartphone and tablet devices. These mobile optimized websites can be accessed through a mobile browser. The contents on mobile websites will be simplified with buttons to important links to make the navigation easier.

Web Apps:
A web app can be accessed through browser on your smartphone or tablet. Like a native mobile app, you don’t have to download anything on your phone to use it. All you need to do is connect to the internet and access it using web browsers.

Native Apps:
Native mobile apps run on a smartphone and tablet devices. You need to download and install these apps from the app store (iTunes, Google Play or Windows store). Be it for banking purpose or to find the best restaurants in your city, native mobile apps are very helpful and interactive.

Building a mobile friendly websites or building a native mobile application is to make sure that the functionality works. Here are some scenarios to help you understand, which one would be the right one you need to invest in order to improve the mobile presence:

Mobile Websites or Mobile Apps?

Choosing a mobile responsive website or mobile app depends on your business end goal. If you run a business that offer products, you can sell them or help the customer book your product using a mobile app is the right solution. But, if you are looking to share contents to a wider audience, then a mobile website can be ideal. However, in some cases it is up to the business owner to decide whether to have a mobile website or a native mobile app or both.
To have a mobile presence, we recommend to create a mobile responsive website at first and then an app, depending on the business goals. Feel free to share your thoughts down below the comments or tweet us at @76DegreesEast.

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