Time Management and Product Quality

Time Management plays an important role not only in productivity but also in our personal lives. Time Management includes: –    Effective Planning by preparing the task list for the entire project. –    Setting goals and objectives of the project. –    Setting deadlines and time estimations for the individual tasks associated with the project. –    Allocations of individual tasks and responsibilities. –    Prioritising activities and tasks as per their importance to the overall project. –    Spending time on the right activity…

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Analysis of a Business Analyst

A business cannot run successfully without attracting any customers. If a company is not generating quality business, that company or business will surely suffer. The primary goal of a business is to provide quality products or services Business analysis is a process to understand and study about the requirement of the customer or the concern. A business analyst plays an important role in the success and execution of the project. When a business analyst follows a strong strategy, it leads…

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