Rahna Faizal

Virtual reality for a better reality

Virtual reality for a better reality Whenever we think of virtual reality we automatically think of fields it will really make a difference are engineering, design, business, the arts and entertainment. But some experiments with virtual reality across the world has shown how virtual reality could be the next big thing in medicine, how we approach medical treatment and training medical professionals for the future etc. In Canada at the Montreal Neurological Institute, they are using NeuroTouch cranio, a brain…

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CAPTCHA: Winning spam and bot wars while enlightening the world

Captcha an acronym of Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is used many websites as a security measure against spammers, bots, and automated computer programs. From posting advertisements as comments to scalping tickets from online sites, bots have the capability to completely overwhelm the system to its wishes. To stop such scenarios, Google has placed Captchas at various points across the internet. The brainchild of Luis Von Ahn in the late 1990’s when bots and…

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Real Time effectiveness for all

Nowadays, clients have more expectations from a concern’s customer service. The customers are prone to choose one business over others especially when it is easy to navigate and search web presence, or when they found the sites appealing. But isn’t there yet another aspect they would look for? Obviously, a real time customer service. Where a customer can live chat with a company representative. When it comes to knowing what customers are doing in real time, nothing beats mobile and…

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