Code consistency and flexibility is an important goal to strive for in any code base as it leads to better maintenance and easier updates to the original objective the program. The overall framework is based on components and services that you can think of as building bricks. Angular’s own CLI tool can be used to create new projects, add different features into an application, run quality and debug tests, perform temporary builds, and more. This provides a solid foundation for team members to build on and to drive consistency. The bottom line is that the consistency found in Angular components, services, pipes, directives and more allows a team to tackle any unforeseen circumstances easily.

Better results

Flexibility for the team members to customize brings productivity into the scene of developing. While the Components and services may look the same, the feature of reusability of application code can be put in service classes, and related functionalities allows the codes to be self-contained and self-sustainable, data is passed down into smaller components using input properties and the same done to the output properties also. With greater consistency and flexibility,  the team gets the added benefit of productivity. If teams use TypeScript to build AngularJS applications, the team has access to robust code help as Typescript makes it easy to discover new features that typescript offers. Although TypeScript isn’t limited to AngularJS only, it can be used with ReactJS, Vue.js, Node.js and with almost any other JavaScript libraries and frameworks, but the level of integration with AngularJS cannot be matched with other scripts as quite well.

Ease of Debugging 

TypeScript is quite simply a superset of JavaScript. TypeScript is not an own stand-alone language like CoffeeScript, Dart or others. TypeScript supports all the up to date features like decorators, async etc. Although TypeScript has the word “Type” to its name, the types are optional and they are quite useful when it comes to debugging errors during the early stages of the software development lifecycle especially when it comes to larger applications. The TypeScript code can be debugged directly on the browser or in an editor.

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