Esse Quam Videri (“To be, rather than to seem”)

Tech enthusiast has never come to a consensus on whether skinned or stock android is better. Looking at the overall sales of android mobiles to get a feedback from the average user has too failed to prove a point. So the question becomes either be it a skinned or a stock android does it really matter?

Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, Huawei, and Xiaomi these are the names of the highest selling android phones in the world. surprisingly no one comes even remotely close to using a stock android, Samsung has TouchWiz which has improved with time. Huawei’s emotionUi looks more like iOs more than android, Oppo’s ColorOs and Vivo’s FuntouchOs takes these similarities to a whole new level. Lenovo’s VibeUI and Xiaomi’s MeUI are made to look nothing like the stock Android. On the flip side, the phones that do use Stock Android are not exactly known to light up the market. Nexus and Pixels are critical acclaim accumulators but never managed to accumulate the customer numbers. Are the tech experts wrong here about the advantages of stock Android?

Yes and No at the same time, you see that stock Android is the best UI, as any UI ever will be. The important fact here to understand phone manufacturers are desperate to stand apart, this can be achieved in two ways. If the hardware route is taken it is often risky and a bit gimmicky, if the software route is taken whether a hit or miss,  it does save a considerable amount of money. It is even fair to say manufacturer’s Android skins have come a long way and it is humbling to know that Google is good at writing programs for phones rather than actually selling them. Until then it is rather to seem like stock android but not be.

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