76DE ERP – The novel approach to a Retail software

An ERP is a good investment for emerging retailers who have set an eye on moving from a small to medium sized business, cause a well-chosen ERP platform can last ten or more years and can be scaled according to the needs of the company. Our 76DE ERP software uses a single database for the different departments within a retail concern which allows the different departments to communicate with each other effectively through the ease of information sharing. Our ERP…

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Manufacturing ERP – from standing up to standing out

Given that the competition in the manufacturing sectors come in different forms such as innovation, price wars, visibility and reliability. The management tiers of any manufacturing business must be ready to face any challenges head on. Collaboration and communication can make the difference on how businesses tackle and overcome challenges together as one team. Our 76DE manufacturing ERP provides the perfect collaboration platform for all the modules a business needs and more. Far reaching capacity and precisely tailored to the…

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Together as one: 76DE ERP

Every business struggles with making decisions due to lack of clarity on the impact of the decision in long term scheme of things. The struggle is more associated with inadequate planning rather than fear of uncharted territory. All a business needs overcome all the unknown variables is properly for evitable and inevitable is planning for all possible contingencies. The best planning comes free and open communication and brainstorming. If problems cannot be avoided, then the best thing to do is…

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