Productivity Hacks that Actually Works

There are only 24 hours in the day, so making sure to use most of the time is crucial. It is work smarter than to work harder because the work we do is becoming non-procedural. Productivity at work isn’t rocket science nor it is easy, but it does require planning to get there. In this post, we ponder over some points Track and limit time It is important that we do not get bogged in a single project, limit your…

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Signs That You Need CRM

A customer is important to your business just as your product or service. To get business, you may need customers. To make your business better, you need both customers and products and or services. This is why it is important for companies to invest in CRMs, they are specially designed to take your business to next level of sophistication, complexity and of course customer satisfaction. Even if you think that your business doesn’t need CRMs as of now, as your…

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Soft Skills : Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

The success of building a creative team needs more than typical industry knowledge or associative technical proficiency. One needs a group of people who can come together with their skills in a much more positive, productive way, navigating through the disagreements and arguments to come up with never before solutions. This kind of team depends on soft skills, both individually and collectively. Below are some points on how to get that team. Convey and Connect It is important to communicate,…

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Me in Team: How to reduce the differences

Having responsibility for a team can be daunting task anyone, as it involves guiding a group people towards a common goal.Different personality does clash, different work styles can lead to arguments, varying ideas which completely miss the target, and the accompanying everyday stress can make process difficult and unbearable. Conflict breeds creativity Conflicts do happen when there is a difference of opinion, but they’re a good sign in the bigger scheme in things. It’s a sign that a lot of…

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Creativity through better management?

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.”  – Bob Iger Given the competition on the market today, a company not only needs solutions that exceed the expectations of the customer but also shows the way forward for how to solve problems in the most unique and creative way. This creativity also has to trickle down to work culture of the company to have a true grassroots effect in the shift of perspective on how companies approach a…

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Who is the spookiest?

Every year by this time our social media feeds start to fill up with Halloween adverts, campaigns, and promotions. 2017 has seen video promotions ascend as the best tool of communication on every social media channel. Here is a list of spooky tales that Brands had to tell this year and we clearly have few hands-down Top 5 winners for the spookiest videos 2017. Bite Sized Horrors by Mars Incorporated This 2 minute long adverts from Mars candy bars brand…

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Guerrilla Marketing: An introduction

Most of the marketing all around us are sometimes too repetitive, dull, awful and even seems more like pandering than an art as it should be. It seems like the creative element associated with the marketing field is closer to its dying days. This eroding trend in marketing has been interrupted by Guerrilla Marketing, this type of marketing relies on creativity instead of cash. Guerrilla marketing is an individualistically creative and disruptive way to advertise a product or a service.…

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Managing the Modern Customer

Any modern entrepreneur approaches the business with just two things, the entrepreneur’s product or service and customer satisfaction. All the business decisions are made with these in mind. While the changes in product or the service are in the hands of the entrepreneur, the customer behaviour is a different story altogether. The customer’s taste rules the market, nowadays a good business is all about keeping up the demands of the ever-changing customer. Below are some tips on how to speed…

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The Difference between Customer Support and Customer Success

It’s obvious from previous definitions that customer success goes well beyond customer support. While the second metric is dependent on the technical and managerial prowess of a business and it increases the customer satisfaction by providing solutions to specific demands and needs of the customers, the first of the above-mentioned concept is more of a combination of the business’s mindset and culture. This difference is taken seriously by successful companies, and why they insist on their fundamental differentiation. Complementary and…

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So what’s trending?

Well, going with the season. Autumn is, and so is Social media. With over 2.5 Billion active social media users, social media is definitely the ‘trending media’! Did you come across something amazing on Facebook and shared with 10 of your friends? Well, be assured that you have now become a part of the virality of the information which you recently shared because that is what is trending. Our attention span has come down to 8 seconds, each day user’s…

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